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Life Wheel

The “Life Wheel” is a holistic energy healing system which is rooted within a shamanic medicine wheel.

This experiential journey is offered by Nicola and Olivia. It is deeply guided by Nature and the Spirit of the Horse. Your horse partner serves as your guide and represents your relationship to your own emotional freedom and healing.

You are the creator of your reality. By understanding the truth of where your perceptions originate you have the power to create desired outcomes. This wisdom is aligned to your authentic self.

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“Find the center and you are in touch with the Whole.” – Kenneth Meadows
Unlocking the Blueprints to Emotional Freedom

The Life Wheel has been mapped to specific life patterns, emotions, belief systems, age of imprinting, current area of impact and the priority healing for further integration and support. Every symptom, every stress has an emotional root. Once the true story is understood, energetic blockages can be released with supportive healing that increases life energy flow.

In partnership, you walk beside the horse, the spirit guide within the crystal Life Wheel. In this process the horse will reflect and reveal imbalances and imprints locked within your own body and energetic field, and these are the clues to specific healing pathways.

The Horses

Horses gift us with the opportunity to return to a primal, non-verbal state of awareness and allow us to see ourselves in the moment. For a horse, there is only the present moment, seeking balance and harmony, they act as ’divine mirrors’, reflecting back to us the energy of our emotions. Without any agenda and without expectations, they respond to what lies in our hearts, not in our heads.


“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.”— Buddha

The medicine wheel is an ancient tool for conscious living that opens a healing space beyond that of conditioning. It is an experiential system that connects humankind to all of life and to Universal Knowledge that is the key to freedom.


The medicine wheel is a catalyst for change and functions as an integration process that brings together fragments into a unified and balanced whole. It brings together those aspects of ourselves and our lives that we have been conditioned to believe are separate, bringing us into a harmonious relationship with all other beings and the very powers of the Universe.

The Elements
The Four Directions
Animal Kingdom
Mineral Kingdom
Plant Kingdom

Coming into harmony with the healing wisdom and the forces of nature will improve your vitality, balance your emotions and release your true potential and creative powers.


“Remember the earth whose skin you are.”— Joy Harjo.


“When I signed up for the Earth Walk process, I had no idea how much it would mean to me. I knew I would love it, as Nature has for many years been my teacher, and it was a rare opportunity for me to be in the presence of horses. What unfolded was more than special. It was an experience of being fully welcomed, witnessed, inspired and guided. All aspects of that place wove the magic cloth that enfolded me – the elements, plants, creatures and, of course, the wise and intuitive presence of Nicola and Olivia. I come away with so much gratitude for the connections made, the insights granted, and the shifts enabled by this unique process."


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