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Journeying with Horses

Oneness with Horses

The spiritual approach to a more holistic relationship with horses is explored through the understanding of one's self in Relationship with another Being, the horse. Through Mind, Body and Soul exercises we develop neutral observation which opens up the space for telepathic heart-felt communication to happen. By reconnecting to our intuition, practicing surrender, unconditional love, empathy and compassion we move into a neutral space that allows us authentic real-time inter-species communication achieving the sense of 'oneness'. The sessions are ground based at first and can, guided by the human-horse relationship, be developed towards upper level ridden movements.


These sessions are for those seeking a deeper relationship with their own horses or to learn a deeper way in communicating with horses in general, which allows for a deeper connection to all animals and nature itself.

Sessions are facilitated by Nicola either with the resident herd or at a specific horses’ home and are between 1 and 1 1⁄2 hours long.


Soul Wisdom Constellation with Horses

Spend time with the horses as you integrate mind, body and soul through an explorative inner journey that brings wisdom, guidance and clarity. By engaging in the present moment you open to new insights and expand your awareness as unconscious thought patterns, beliefs, and emotional triggers are brought to the surface through interaction with the horses.

We are guided by and follow any messages that are being transmitted from the horses or the field itself. This is a non- analytical and non-directive approach that allows you to find your authentic voice and access guidance from your soul for dealing with current life challenges and patterns that might be holding you back in your life.

We offer safe non-riding experiences with the horses that are facilitated by Nicola to bring about dynamic shifts in perception that help you solve all kinds of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical challenges.


"My encounter with the Earthwalk horse constellation opened many doors for me, internally. Dealing with conditioning and beliefs that needed to be weeded out but most of all identifying the weeds and moments that got me there and I was left with something to move forward with and work on.

I highly recommend the process to dive within." (Mel)


Equine-Assisted Therapy

Benefits of Horse-Assisted Therapies:

Horse-assisted therapy provides enormous psychological and physiological benefits that have been scientifically documented.
People who interact with animals for the purpose of therapy can realize physical improvements in health that include:

  • Decreased stress levels

  • Decrease in heart rate and blood pressure to normal levels

  • Increase in the release of beta-endorphins

  • Reduction of anger and aggression

  • Improved social interactions, leadership, assertiveness

  • Improvement in self-esteem, patience, trust, intuition

  • Personal empowerment

The Equinox Trust

The Earthwalk nature studio is home to the Equinox Trust. The Equinox Trust is a non-profit organisation that strives to provide equine assisted therapy that is heart-centred, creates new and profound insights, and assists human beings to discover their potential.


The Earthwalk nature studio is where these programmes and sessions are offered to communities, individuals and groups in need of emotional support and trauma recovery.

Kinesiology & Horse Reflections 

Horse reflection therapy offers a non-verbal and personal experience. Begin the process of moving forward with more ease and joy in your life by allowing yourself to be guided towards your heart’s  truth.


Our physical bodies and energy fields are intertwined. For this reason sessions begin and end with a physical check in of up to 14 muscles using muscle reflex monitoring. This bio-feedback method can show up unhelpful stress patterns that you may be holding, and gives further context to your session with the horses. 


Re-checking your body responses at the end of your session is a wonderful barometer of just how powerful the work can be.  Many clients have had experiences in the field that have reset their nervous systems to the point that muscles or energy flow that may have been blocked have recalibrated.


It is inspiring to work with clients in this way and to reveal the support that nature can offer us if we just open up our hearts.



“Horses have an extremely strong heart rhythm or heart energy field. Equine assisted therapies have conducted studies, using HeartMath, showing horses assisting in healing humans. This occurs when a horse’s heart rhythm is strong enough to influence, like a magnet, the human’s heart rhythm, thus aid in regulating, calming, neurochemistry within the brain.”


"Nicola’s counselling style is gentle and empowering. She has helped me experience the mystery and metaphor of the natural world that surrounds me, and my place within it. She has opened my eyes and heart to the strength and love we can draw from being a part of the whole. I am lighter with the world with this experience, carrying my body with pride and joy for what it allows me to do and perceive. I am reassured by the deep foundation from which to build my horsemanship and look forward to the next phase of learning. It's been a wonderfully life changing few months. Thank you!”


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